My name is Ian Watson and I am a Free Church of Scotland minister, although I was raised Pentecostal (my father was a pastor in Clydebank).  Before being called to the ministry I was a solicitor. I live in Blackwood, South Lanarkshire, which is ten minutes south of Hamilton, and sixty miles from the border with England.  I am married to Kim and we have two teenage children.  I’m a very simple man.  I live to preach; I love to preach.  I am minister of a wonderful congregation who allow me to proclaim the gospel to my heart’s content twice every Sunday.  If you want to pigeon hole me theologically (I don’t mind) I am Reformed, orthodox, evangelical.  I’m a great fan of the Puritans.  My favourite Bible commentators are Calvin, Carson, Morris.

I was a minister in the Church of Scotland for 16 years but having tried my best to persuade others to honour scripture in every way, I grew tired of fighting my own church.  I was accepted as Free Church minister in February 2014.  Half my former congregation decided they agreed with me and we are in the process of becoming a Free Church congregation.  We meet in Blackwood Community Centre, Carlisle Road, Blackwood on Sunday mornings at 11:30am.  You are welcome to join us.

Originally the purpose of this blog was to share with my congregation some of the gems that came my way as I prepare for Sunday services – not all of which can be put into the sermon.  In recent times the blog has given me an opportunity to comment on wider events.

You can contact me at ian(dot)watson21(at)btopenworld(dot)com


One Response to “About me”

  1. Jaime Says:

    Muito interessante, gostei e que Deus te abençoe o teu ministério
    Pastor Jaime Soares

    Thank for your life and family, churc
    God bless

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