We’ve been Bogled

September 25, 2013

To be Bogled: where an evangelical church, which is uniformly against the revisionist trajectory, splits because some are persuaded to remain in the Church of Scotland because officially nothing has changed, while others can see through the compromise.  Logies have been Bogled.  So has Larbet Old, Newmilns and Coatbridge. 

This only happens in churches with an evangelical ethos.  Nominal congregations couldn’t care one way or the other; revisionist-minded folk have what they want. 

Only evangelicals can find themselves Bogled.  In fact, it is the natural outcome of decades of evangelical ministry.  Those ministers who were products of the Stillite movement worked hard to build up their congregations.  They didn’t flit around.  They were steadfast and immoveable.  They taught their people to worship, to pray, to witness, to give sacrificially, and most of all, to love the Bible.  Who, then, can be surprised, when these Bible-loving people start to question decisions taken at their General Assembly?  It is the natural outcome of evangelical ministry.

This is something my colleagues who wish to remain within the Church of Scotland have failed to appreciate.  Many of them, quite honourably, wish to remain in order to build up an evangelical congregation.  But look what happens—the day comes when the congregation start asking: Why are we part of, why are we supporting, a denomination which denies everything we are being taught? 

I can understand the distress of men of Alistair Morrice’s generation.  Everything they worked for is being unravelled.  Men like myself, influenced by them, thought they were working to build God’s kingdom.  It seems that they were only working to build up the Church of Scotland.  If only Alistair and Eric et al had rallied us to the cause of Christ in Scotland, evangelical congregations would have been united.  Instead, they are scattered.  Who needs wolves? 

Can God save the Church of Scotland?  Of course he can.  But first He expects us to put the Word we preach into practice—like disciplining sin and challenging heresy.  I haven’t heard Alistair or anyone from his group denounce the revisionists. 

My own view is that the Church of Scotland will always tolerate evangelicals so long as they remain loyal to the denomination.  Evangelicals will always lose the vote.  At the Assembly of 2012 I narrowly failed to persuade the Commissioners to legislate that only Christian worship should take place on our premises.  I lost by a couple of dozen votes.  Even to have lost by one vote would have been enough.    Meanwhile, look out for more Bogled congregations.