Who is Ron Ferguson?

August 27, 2009

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Rev Ron Ferguson

For the uninitiated, Ron Ferguson is a Church of Scotland minister who who is no longer in parish ministry but is now a full-time journalist.  He writes for the [Glasgow] Herald, and the Press and Journal.  He makes comment on religious, ethical, and social issues by and large.  He was minister in Orkney for a while, and I think was leader of the Iona Community at one time.  He wrote a very well received biography of George Macleod, who founded the Community.  He also writes a column for “Life and Work”, the Church of Scotland magazine. 

In the recent debate originating in Aberdeen Presbytery, Ron has been very vocal in his support for the ordination of practising homosexuals. 

The recent exchange of views between us arose because of my blog about “Life and Work” in which I mention Ron.  You can see his comment there. 

I have only met the man once.  He came to the inaugural lunch of Forward Together and declared it be the best free lunch of that year’s Assembly.  So it’s not as if he has never said anything nice about evangelicals.


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